Nature Freelensed

freelensny1 copy.jpg

On January 1st I saw an amazing post by a local photographer friend. She had created a stunning collage, 365 photos to be exact, of her beautiful toddler son. All I could think was "wow, this is amazing!" and then "hmm...dare I try to pull this off?" Against my better judgement (I mean I have to heat up a single cup of coffee four times each morning) I decided to give it a go.

To spice things up, since I live so dangerously, I began the project with freelensed images. I'm fairly new to freelensing- a technique where photos are taken with the lens detached from the camera. Sounds simple, but it isn't since you can't control a thing. Catching focus feels nearly impossible, but that's what makes the whole technique, and the images it produces, so intriguing. To me they look like dream sequences or distant memories, and I love that!

Freelensing with my daughter as the subject was a bit of a challenge...I have a little "threenager" bursting with toddler energy who likes to do the opposite of what I say (even when I bribe her with chocolate). I was able to find stationery and cooperative subjects, mainly plants. So for the first week of this journey, I present you with nature photos